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That Santa, So Mysterious

kuroshitsuji secret santa!

santa deer
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Welcome to Kuroi Santa!

Kuroi Santa is a fan-made Christmas exchange community for Kuroshitsuji. In this community, we exchange all sorts of media arts, fanfics and fanarts. All posts in this community is for members only-- and if you wish to read and see the finished products, please feel free to join. :)

I do not encourage anyone watching this community because on December 23rd, this community will be flooded with all finished presents posted. :)

You must sign up in order to participate in this event!

To sign up, please do so at [this post]. Sign ups will be closed on November 15th(PST)

Sign ups are now closed.

All assigned presents are due by December 23rd(PST)

If you have any questions or need help with your assignment, please ask [here]!

For the present suggestions and guidelines, take a look [here]! Please keep in mind that if your present does not meet the guideline, it will not be accepted.

If you are completed, follow the instruction on [this page]!

Please be respectful to all members.

Please do not criticize anyone on their work-- this is not a judging community.

Please hand in your assignments on time!

And please remember to have fun!

You are NOT allowed to pull out of this exchange last minute without a valid reason. If the reason given is invalid, you will not be receiving your present.